Spa Owner Green Tips

One perk of owning a spa is the chance to relax outdoors and get closer to nature. But maintaining that private oasis can have an impact on the environment. There are several options for a more energy-efficient and cost-effective spa:

  • Cover your spa. A cover can help trap heat and minimize evaporation. It can decrease heat loss by as much as 90 percent and increase the temperature of your spa water by 10 degrees, saving both water and energy.
  • Heat your spa with solar energy. By using a solar energy system (instead of an electric spa heater), spa owners are able to heat their spas with natural renewable energy that has very low carbon emissions.
  • Reduce energy consumption. Circulate water using a timer to run the pump eight hours a day when not in use.
  • Reduce waste by recycling containers. BAQUA Spa® products are contained in plastic pails, bottles and even bags. These containers are recyclable, but they must be rinsed two to three times before being delivered to your local recycling location. Our suggestion - rinse these containers in your spa, eliminating waste water.

Incentives for Energy-Efficient Spa

Many utilities and state governments offer incentives to spa owners who incorporate energy-efficient upgrades. Check with your local utility company to find out what incentives it may offer.